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Mistresses just love to abuse sissies its always been the way of it. To dress a naughty girl up and just humiliate her has always made most mistresses laugh. It’s the look on their faces when they are being abused and humiliated, the begging and pleading and hoping that the domme will stop. We all know this will never be the case. All female dominatrixes love to abuse useless little sissies and over at www.easylifespain.com  your life will never be the same by the time these strict women are finnished with you.

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This is one of the girls who has had some very severe training recently and she has started o learn her way in life and knows that if she does not do as she is told the punishment will be severe. To make her get down on her hands and knees and beg for mercy,as she is made to sniff her Mistresses panties  or making sure she sucks some cocks, she knows her chores. Online Mistresses love to train and discipline naughty girly boys and when we start we just do not stop


Sissy Husband

Being a sissy husband is no joke. Work all day (wearing panties under your real man clothes of course) then its home,into the french maid outfit,and straight into my chores.


I am a sissy husband. My wife finally grew tired of my 3 inch cock about 3 years ago and decided that if we were to stay married then I would have to be a  I reluctantly agreed and now my life consists of nothing but work all day and wait on my wife hand and foot all evening. I cant even remember the last time I sat and watched tv or went to a bar for a drink. Every evening I am dressed head to tail in a french maids outfit,complete with white hat and 3 inch block heel shoes,and perform many tasks for my wife/Mistress. from cleaning floors to doing dishes and from cooking to laundry and serving her wine,I am nothing but a servant in her eyes.

And it is even worse when she invites her friends or co-workers over and I must serve them too. It is extremelly humiliating to enter a room of my wife and 5 of her office friends and serve them all wine. And to further humiliate me more,I am made to courtsey as I finish pouring. I can feel my cheeks burning as they giggle and stifle their laughter. I am then ushered out to carry on with my chores.

As a sissy husband I give my wife foot massages for hours at a time,back rubs in fact whatever she demands. And all while dressed as a little prissy maid. And most nights she decides to further cement my place by making me take a strap on. If im a proper sissy,I get treated like one is her reasoning. Every night it is lubed by my saliva as I am made to suck it like a bitch. And suck it well I do as no other lube i used before it gets rammed up my ass. And its even worse if she is in a foul mood. I forgot to change the toilet roll a few nights ago. She was furious and it showed during her strap on session. i could not walk properly the next day,and still have to sit down gingerly.

As a sissy bitch husband,my job is to cater to my wifes every whim and keep her satisfied and happy. Even f it is detriment to own pleasure.

Sissy Faggot Humiliation. The First Step

Regular unfollowing readers will know by now about my journey into the depths as a sissy tv slut at the hands of Mistress Anna. And boy oh boy have things taken a turn in a new direction. I always knew this day would come eventually but last night it arrived. I underwent sissy faggot humiliation.

sissy faggot humiliation,sissy tv,forced feminizationMistress has been showing me pictures of naked men and making me watch gay porn etc but she has now decided that I had to see the real thing. But thankfully she at least allowed me to begin things small. We began by visiting a website for live shemale chats. This site was full of transgenders and ladyboys who were incredibly feminine looking so at least I had the female form and a pair of breasts to enjoy as I was forced to look at another mans hard cock. The site chosen by mistress was shemalecamchats.com ,which is a  and it is full of shemales and trannys on webcam. Mistress selected a host,hotcock10inch,and I was made to go into the live room and talk to the tgirl about how glorious their cock was and how I would love to suck it dry and all about how im being forced to become a sissy. It was incredebly degrading and humiliating but what choice do I have? Mistress Anna wants me to be a pathetic sissy cockmilker so that is what I must become.


My descent into cock sucking is gong to be a long,drawn out affair. Mistress Anna is clearly enjoying my dread at the fact I will one day take a cock in my mouth,and she is making it last and enjoying the fear I live with each and every day.

I am a ridiculous looking submissive sissy with an owner who enjoys humiliating me for nothing more than kicks.


Submissive Sissy. My New Life

Hello everyone and welcome back. I have been a submissive sissy for a week now and my deep rooted shame and embarresment is a great source of amusement for my owner,Mistress Anna.

She began my feminization training last week by getting my walking correct. If im going to be100_6497 a sissy faggot,I have to learn to walk the walk. Now this week we moved on to strapon training. Yes,I was going to learn to suck cock. I had a 9 inch thick pink dildo and on my femdom chat session I was ordered to place it on the ground at waist level. I then had to get on my knees and prepare to suck. As a submissive sissy I knew I had to obey,even though every fibre in my body screamed at me to run away. Suck cock? The ultimate in sissy humiliation assignments surely. But never the less I hitched my pink babydoll up and dropped to my knees in front of my practice cock. I edged closer and opened my mouth,ready to take the full 9 inches. I hesitated slightly but a sharp “DO IT. NOW BITCH” from mistress forced me to take the plastic cock in my mouth like a good little slut and perform my blowjob duties. I sucked that cock for all it was worth to please my mistress. After I was done Mistress told me she was displeased with how well I had done and much MUCH more practice was needed if I was to work on the streets for her.

I apologized unreservedly and promised to do better next time. My  were done for the mean time but it wont be long before I’m a full time cock sucking queen,working the streets night and day to earn money for my Mistress.

I dread it and dream of it all at the same time.


Live Sissy Humiliation. A Nightmare Reality

Hello all,and welcome to my blog. I am a submissive male writeing this as ordered by my owner,Mistress Anna. i have been visiting her in online femdom chats for about 2 years now on  and a little over a year ago I made the mistake of telling her I could not understand cross dressers and that I could never wear a dress and make up.

100_6462xxxBoy was this the wrong thing to say. Straight away Mistress proceeded to make me order a pink baby doll and elbow length silk white gloves,as well as knee high white socks. I was now entering forced feminization and boy s Mistress amused. she was like a kid at christmas when I entered her cam room the next week looking every inch the little prissy sissy in my pink dress,gloves socks and strappy sandals. My live sissy humiliation took a turn for the worse(or better if your in Mistresses shoes) and I was made to parade up and dawn and walk like a proper little slut. Mistress Anna was giggling and cackling away to herself and she was obviously enjoying my extreme embarresment. My cheeks burned bright red as she then ordered me to apply my make up. Full blusher,bright red lipstick,mascara,the works. I dont know how other guys feel about sissy humiliation but I was squirming little crazy. I wanted the world to open up and swallow me whole. But I had no choice. I was Mistress Anna’s little sissy tv slut. I was glad when it was all over but Mistress was far from finished.

She took delight in informing me that not only would I ALWAYS be expected to be wearing my full sissy outfit when in her presence but also that she would be issuing me with tasks and eventually pimping me out like a sissy cockmilker whore. My feminization training starts here and im dreading it with constant knots in my stomach.

Then why does my cock get hard whenever I think of it?

I have been told to attend  next week to see Mistress and recieve my tasks for the week ahead. My heart is beating faster just thinking about what is in store