Installation - v5.1.1-b1

Checking server...

Checking...StatusCurrent ValueExpected Value
...blic_html/Typesetter Core/dataFailedNot WritableWritable
PHP VersionPassed7.2.265.4+
Memory LimitPassed192M and adjustable16M+ or Adjustable
Image FunctionsPassedjpg, png, bmp, gif, webp
Archive ExtensionsPassedzip, gzip, bzip, tar
Install DirectoryPassed/home/unfobfic/public_html/Typesetter Core/include/install
Existing index.htmlPassed


Changing File Permissions

You may need to change the permissions of the directories that failed in the above section then refresh this page.

Manual Method

If you are using Unix/Linux, you can use the "chown" function.

chown 3330 "/home/unfobfic/public_html/Typesetter Core/data"Note: "3330" appears to be the owner uid of PHP on your server



Most FTP clients allow you to change the permissions of files on your server. In fireftp This can be done by right clicking on the file, selecting "properties" from the menu then setting the permissions appropriately.

Using your FTP client, we recommend the following steps to make the data directory writable

  1. Make "/home/unfobfic/public_html/Typesetter Core" writable
  2. Delete "/home/unfobfic/public_html/Typesetter Core/data"
  3. Run Typesetter Installer by refreshing this page
  4. Restore the permissions of "/home/unfobfic/public_html/Typesetter Core"

Enter your server's ftp information and the installer will handle the file permissions for you.

FTP Server
FTP Username
FTP Password